woensdag 17 september 2014

Apple makes the switch from Android a lot easier

Apple feels confident that with the coming of the new iPhones Android users will want to make the step to an iPhone. To make the transition as easy as possible Apple has created a guide. This way they really want to help (and confince) Android users to make the switch.

Leaving Android for iOS

Copy my data on iOS and Android
In the guide Apple shows Android users how easy it is to export their e-mailaccount(s) to an iOS device. Besides that, Apple points out to user the third-party app: Copy my Data, to make the transition even smoother. With the app personal files like agenda, contacts and photos will be transferred to the iOS with just some clicks

You can find the entire document at the support page of Apple. In the document there is an entire step-by-step guide that shows Android users how they can use iTunes on their PC of Mac to make this entire transition. The documents of Android will also be placed on iCloud and this way you can open the files with the (free mobile) apps of Keynote, Pages and even Number. 

A screenshot of the app Copy my Data for iOS, you still need the Android version if you are going to make the switch from Android to iOS.

Record sales

Apple has also made the document because of the fact that the new iPhone 6 & the iPhone 6 Plus have already broken new pre-order records within 24 hours of their announcement. There have already been placed over four million pre-orders! Among these pre-ordes are a lot of Android users. 

I want to know if you are an Android user are you going to switch to an iPhone? And if so, will you make use of the Copy My Data app?

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