zondag 22 februari 2015

Snapchat - Music in video update

Many of you are familiair with the social app Snapchat. I admit, it's pretty fun to send images and video's that disappear after several seconds. Besides that, the app also gives you the option to write and place funny emoticons on the images and video's that you're sending.
The update (version 9.2.0) is currently only available for iOS systems and so far know there hasn't been an update for the Android systems.

How does it work?

Snapchat is leaving competitors behind with the music integration.
The way it works is really easy.
Just turn on the music on of the many music apps that are available (Music App of the iOS, Spotify, Deezer and so on) and record the Snapchat. You will notice that the music will keep on playing.

This is a real step ahead of the other popular video shooting apps like Vine, Instagram and/or the default video camera on the iPhone and iPad.

Are you familiar with Snapchat and do you use the app?

Let me know and keep sending those Snapchats!

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