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The Big Apple update: iO9 and OS X El Capitan

The next iOS and OS X updates are coming! Presenting to you iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan.
In this post we will take a closer look at those two updates. What are the biggest changes that await us and what are the things to be most hyped about?! Let's find out.

The next OS X Update: OS X El Capitan

With OS X El Capitan Apple once more tries to make design and practical use come together. OS X Yosemite was already focused on connecting all your Apple Device and to just make your life easier, wether you're sitting at your desk or on the go. OS X El Capitan will even go further than before and adds simple, yet functional features that makes your Mac device works even better and faster.
I'll highlight the biggest changes that are coming with El Capitan.

OS X El Capitan Logo
OS X El Capitan: Split View
When you're using several apps on your Mac it's really easy to lose the overview, since there is no easy way to put the apps next to each other on screen. Of course, you can drag the screens next to each other and adjust their size(s), but it's too much of a thing to do. With Split View your screen automatically fills your screens with two apps you chose. This way you can easily work in to apps at the same time. And once you're done you can just swipe back to your desktop.
Even though I have no trouble with using more than one app on my iMac, for my Mac Book Pro Split View is a very welcome feature.
OS X El Capitan - Split View with Reader and Imessage working together.
OS X El Capitan: Mission Control and Bigger Mouse
The Mission Control Feature also receive a (small) update. Your windows are now better organised once you use Mission Control. The different windows are now more outlined and this way it's easier to find the program you want to use. It's not a big update, but still nice that they optimise it to make a bit more streamlined. In the theme of creating a better overview, Apple has also announced a feature Bigger Mouse. Sometimes when working on a Mac (or any other device driving by a mouse) it's gets easy sometimes to lose track of your mouse. Those times are gone now. If you even lose your mouse, just shake your finger on your trackpad and your mouse on screen will appear bigger. This way you can directly get back to work.

OS X El Capitan: Apple Maps
In Apple Maps you can now also track routes for public transportation (finally!). This is also a really nice feature that works extreme well with the fact that are your Apple devices are connected better than before. You can now plan your route on you Mac and then let them read out loud on your iPhone when you're on the go.

OS X El Capitan: Metal - Graphics Performance Upgrade 
Metal is Apple's newest graphic core technology that gives games and apps near-direct acces to the graphics processor on your Mac. Apple claims that Metal makes graphics rendering 50% more faster and up to 40% more efficient. They even claim that Metal creates improves draw call performance up to 10 times. So, Metal makes Games and apps like iMovie and Photos run smoother and faster, with better graphics control and display.

OS X El Capitan: Other Small Updates
There are also several small updates that makes Mail and Photos run better, more supported languages, closing all audio from the tabs that are open without having to look for the one that is playing music and finally notes are connected to iCloud, so they are the same on all your Apple devices.

A lot of news to progress from the new OS X update. But let's not stop there, let's continue to the new iOS update which is iOS 9.

The next iOS Update: iOS 9

Yes! The new update for iOS is finally coming to us. The focus in this update seems to be mostly about relevance, location based features and making features/apps work even smoother.

iOS 9 logo
iOS 9 Update: Longer Battery Life and more Storage Capacity
The feature that I want to mention first is that iOS 9 will work even better with the battery life. iOS 9 makes better use of the different sensors in your iOS device so Apple claims this at least saves one hour battery life per one full charged battery. You now also get the option called Low Power Mode which makes you use the battery even longer.

iOS 9 also makes updating you system and apps are lot better. Instead that you have to download a full package, Apple now efficiently streams an update and makes the required space for an update a lot smaller. A big plus if you ask me. Because creating space *insert dramatics music* means erasing parts of life of your iPhone.

Your iOS device also gets a Metal update and better security (with also the possibility of a six digit password).

iOS 9 Update: Siri takes over
Of course Siri doesn't takes over, but she can be used for even more features and makes her even a better assistent.

iOS 9 Update: News
The new app from Apple is called News and as the name suggests is a News app. News will bring you News updates from over the entire world or just the themes in which you're interested in. Although I think okay, I'm not that happy with another app that Apple forces you on your iDevice. Even though most of those apps turned out well, it's still another app that uses storage that you can also use for other things. We will have to see how it works out.

iOS 9 Update: Notes
As mentioned before Notes are now connected on iOS. This way you can access your notes from every iDevice and Mac. You can now also easily add anything you like in Notes. If it's a Map, a Message, a photo and so on. Sweet if you ask me.

iOS 9 Update: iPad Usability
iPads can now also be used even more efficient with Silde Over, Split View and Picture in Picture. This makes working and using the iPad even better.

iOS 9 Update: Compatible Systems
These are all the devices that are compatible for iOS 9:
iOS 9 - Compatible Devices
That's everything you need to know about the new OS X and iOS update. I'm eager to find out what you think of the updates and the new features. Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below. Oh and if you are an Android user and ready for an apple device, learn how to easily make the transfer from Android to iOS.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the new updates once OS X El Capitan and iOS 9 are released this fall.

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