maandag 10 juni 2013

#AppTip - Action Movie #1

A very funny but also cool App is the App called Action Movie.

Screenshot from the page of the App
With this App you can create cool and funny videos with a lot of funny and cool special effects.
They started the App at the time Mission Impossible 4 was released and had some effects from the movie that you could implement in your own recorded video's.

The App is very easy in use. You chose the effect you want to create and start recording.
After you are done with recording the app converts the video in several seconds and before you know it you have a cool video to show your friends.

Over the time being they created new effects with the inspiration from other movies like the new Star Trek Into Darkness.

As an example I have added two cilps that I made. Enjoy.

Let me know what you think of the App!

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