maandag 10 juni 2013


Even though the E3 is currently raging and the focus is at the land of videogames, let us not forget the universe called Apple. Just thirty minutes ago Apple announced the new models of the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air but the also rolled out an update for Mac OS X. This time it is called OS X Mavericks (not sure if it is a cat race, but who am I to judge?!).

Mavericks add some new features to the OS. The most remarkable one is the way they changed Finder. This time you can create one Finder screen even when you first started with several Finder screens. Yes, more like Windows, as I hear you think.

Besides the changes in Finder, this time you can also add labels and tag files to make them easier to find. Speaking about easier, they also made it a lot easier to work with several screens instead of one.

Safari will receive an update and their will be an new option for iCloud so you can save your passwords in iCould without the use of any other App. Maps, that we all know from iOS, will be available in the next update.

The well speculated and expected iRadio will almost certainly it's debut at launch.

You can update your Mac OS with a simple click in the APPSTORE on your Mac.

You can expect the update next year during autumn.

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