donderdag 20 juni 2013


Next to the update for Mac OSX there is also an huge update for iOS coming next year. iOS 7 will be an update with some drastic changes in usability and design. For example see the screenshot for the Widget Centre of iOS down below. The update will come to all the iOS systems like the iPhone (starting from iPhone 4) and iPad (starting from iPad 2).

The changes look very cool and bring a lot of new depth to the system.
Everything will be re-designed and it will be a new and stable systeem then before.
Search on Google for more images of the system, you will be amazed.

Weather App for iOS 7

You can already get a little sneak peek of a app that is made especially for the style of iOS 7. It's the weather App from Yahoo. Check it out yourself! You will love it!
Source: App Store
What do you think about the new iOS? Leave your response down below.

iOS 7 Homescreen

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